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RuScript:29Language: Haskell, Updated at: 2020 Dec 06

Experimental Language based on Rust and Haskell

java2smali:13Language: Kotlin, Updated at: 2020 Nov 16

Command-line tool for compiling .java to .smali

nightly:11Language: Python, Updated at: 2020 Nov 30

Feather-light scheduler, monitor and storage for your research tasks

iris-c-coq:7Language: Coq, Updated at: 2020 Mar 14

Control-flow based language verification framework

ui-checker:5Language: Python, Updated at: 2020 Nov 29

End-to-end static analysis for extract GUI information and check them against Datalog-flavour spec

z3-encoding:5Language: Haskell, Updated at: 2020 Mar 14

High-level assertion encoding to Z3 solver

markii:4Language: Java, Updated at: 2020 Dec 01

Android/Java Static Analysis Library

bbq-sg:3Language: Haskell, Updated at: 2016 Nov 11

Static Generator for your GitHub Pages Blog

droid-scripts:2Language: Shell, Updated at: 2020 Jul 26

Executable scripts for helping with Android related work

dynamic:2Language: Haskell, Updated at: 2020 Mar 14

JavaScript Static Analyzer

liquid:1Language: Scala, Updated at: 2020 Mar 10

DSL for Semantic-based Pattern Matching of Android/Java Binaries

seguard-javaLanguage: Java, Updated at: 2020 Nov 19

Static analysis library for extracting the approximate dependency graph from Java/Android/JavaScript

msbase.pyLanguage: Python, Updated at: 2020 Dec 03

Convenient wrappers and utilities, minimal third-party dependencies, written in Python 3.

ui-reverseLanguage: Python, Updated at: 2020 Jul 21

Android UI Reverse Tool

moonriverLanguage: Python, Updated at: 2019 Dec 06

Local CLI reader that saves your time & protect your privacy

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Updated in: Dec 2020

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